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 Kendra Winds

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PostSubject: Kendra Winds   Sun Jan 09, 2011 4:31 am

Name: Kendra
Age: 15 almost 16
Gender: female
Eyes: amber
Hair: black
Height: 5' 7''
Body Type: she is thin and very fast
Skin Color: tan
Mutant Gene (what animal they have DNA with): hawk
Parents: Sam and Keegan Winds
Country of Origin: USA
Pets: none
Talents: singing
Skills: talking, worming her way out of tough spots
Weapon: knifes lots and lots of Knifes
Flaws: tends to over analyze details and talk to much or to little, and changes mind to often
Powers(must relate to DNA animal): she can fly, awesome hawk vision, and flying speed
Life Before The Cliffs*: Kendra always had trouble fitting in, especially in school. Not counting the fact she has wings or that she can run a lot faster the the lead track runner in school. One day while her own businesses on the computer typing something up for English class, 2 men came to her door asking for her parents. You probably can guess the end. Sam and Keegan Winds were brutally murdered. Then ever since Kendra had been on the run.
RP Example*: Breathing softly I rose up into the air current. The smaller birds squawked in fright when they saw me. Suddenly, the bitter anger rose up in me again. Why did they have to kill mom and dad? They were normal people. Unlike me... I pushed away the thought and continued on my way.
Any notes about your characters: NONE

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Kendra Winds
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