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 Dumb Admins

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PostSubject: Dumb Admins   Wed Mar 31, 2010 11:20 am

Name:That stupid Idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!
How long have you been on this site:Unknown
How many posts:#rd best poster
Bad things:Ive insulted the Admins.And Posted more than once WITHOUT knowing that you couldn'y do that
Paragraph on why you should be staff:O.K right now I dont want to be on the staff.Kimimae and Andy (This is to you guys).How come you guys can post more than once knowing that your breaking the rules and yet you guys just make a dumba** excuse like"I'm so awesome that I can do what I want"or "I'm an Admin so I excuse the breaking of rules."You know what?I think its dumb that since you guys are Administraitors you can do what you want.How come if you wanted to cuss in a post and you did you wouldn't get in trouble.Its stupid that you guys can't take responsibility for your actions.Iv'e tried to follow the rules lately but YOU kimi always find a way to get me in trouble.How come you can do whatever you want.?If I was an Administraitor I would still follow the rules.So you guys can think about that and go ahead and Ban me.I dont give a crap!Also that thing like at the Moutains is dumb too.Like "Sorry , but only administraitors can reply in this forum."I think it shouldn't be locked.So go ahead and be stupid and ban me.I won't like it and it'll probably ruin my only fun in life but go ahead! No Sad
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PostSubject: Re: Dumb Admins   Tue Apr 06, 2010 8:00 am

Well, I have a few comments. One, this post was way out of line. Second, when have we cussed? And you knew that you couldn't post more then once. You told me. I don't try to get you in trouble. In fact, I'm fine with most stuff you do. I just like messing with people. I've been trying to unlock the stuff okay? The administrator panel is very confusing. It's hard to find what you need. It took me FOREVER to find the quickreply. Now do you understand?

LeAnne-Golden Eagle
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Dumb Admins
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