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 Micky's Pad.......

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PostSubject: Micky's Pad.......   Tue Mar 02, 2010 9:41 am

I walk in to a cave...My cats meow in chorus.I sit down on a rock and release them.KimKoon purrs and rubs against a rock.Jay stays in the cage and mreows when I try to pet him.Micky jumps out and runs around.(crazy).I stroke my blond hair...I stare at Jay....Commer here Jay"He obeys.I pat him on his head. Jay purrs.I pick him up and see a small cuut on his neck."well.Howd You get that?"I smile as he contines to purr...

-Then I put him down and leave....

-After my visit with all the other caves I come back to mine. Luckily there is something other than BAGS.My Cats greet me......

-"Hello my pretties "I act like a witch....."What is Foor Din-Din?!?"

-They only meow..."I was only kidding JEEZ!!"I open up my SATCHEL and bring out a can of Cat Food.A chorus of meows pounds my ears "SETTLE DOWN!!"I yell.Ignored Is I.I open the can and drop it before I'm attacked.The cats push there faces into the can...

-After about a minute its empty.Jay.Oh My!!His Head is stuck in the can...."Idiot..."I mutter.

-I come from the cliff and Jay still has his head stuck in the can..I go over to him and rip the can off his crainium.His head wreeks of tuna and frosted chicken.Yum.....I pick him up and tickle his chin.He belches.I throw him down.Gross.....

-KimKoon thinks he's gross so she attacks Jay.He doesn't fight back,infact he goes limp.I run over and pull the
cat off of Jay.He meows and moans.....His body
(within 30 seconds)
is covered in scratches and bites.He gets off the cave floor and tries to walk away....He falls and passes out.
"Jay!"I scream......Meanwhile KimKoon grins wickedley......

-I throw KimKoon across the room away from Jay.I run over to Jay!!

-"O.M.g!"He was bleeding all over.He should have fought back.No ....Something's up.Why, he always fights back...Why not now!I grin....."Jay ...."He tries to smile or whatever cats do."Jay...oh....Jay..."

-Then the unexpected happens.He runs over to KimKoon and slashes her face."Mrow!!!!"KimKoon sreaches!Jay you Idiot.KimKoon attacks Jay.And remember folks ,this all started because KimKoons a clean freak....Sorry......Well anyway Jay was biting and slashin' and just over powering KimKoon...What now.....I run over and pull them both apart but by now KimKoon had lost her ear and Jay had scratches all over him.Micky is smellin' a rock when I look over at her...

-She is just way to curious.Theres a scorpion and she tries to bite it...I transform my hand into the paw and fist it up.I throw a punch at the scorpion and it squishes and dies!Somehow a tear pops up into Mickys eyes..."meowshe says

-I leave to the flatlands...

I come from the flatlands.....That was amazin' what happened....I think I'm goin' to explore these caves.....
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Micky's Pad.......
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