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 Andy Li, Bird

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PostSubject: Andy Li, Bird   Fri Feb 19, 2010 2:52 am

Name:Andrew Ride(but nicknamed Andy)
Body Type:Slim
Skin Color:Tan
Mutant Gene (what animal they have DNA with):Raven
Parents:Maximum Ride and Fang. . . (yes I am pretending that has happened javascript:emoticonp('Smile'))
Country of Origin:USA
Pets:A calico cat
Talents:Flying (Duh), Fighting (again, DUH!), Sarcasm
Skills:**Read above
Weapon:Well, himself. And a dagger which he straps to his arm
Flaws:Hubris (pride), difficult, sarcastic (wow, remind you of anyone?)
Powers(must relate to DNA animal):Large wing size, flying really effing fast
Life Before The Cliffs*:Lived with the Flock for the first few years of his life. Then, when Max founded the camp, he stayed here with her. The rest of the flock patrols the country in search of other mutants. This left Max in a crappy mood and she wasn't the best mom out there. He puts up with her and often hears that he is a mirror image of her personality. He doesn't get it yet.
RP Example*:I walk to the edge of the cliff and I smirk. This is gonna be fun. I stretch out my wings to a full length and I took a deep breathe. 1 breathe in, 1 breathe out. I then took a simple step forward and dived. 3 seconds of free-fall and then, WHOOSH!, I glided over the green of the forest.
Any notes about your characters: Has 15 ft wingspan
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Andy Li, Bird
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